Does your Business Love to Save Money?

[Upping Your Green Game – Part 2]

Why doesn’t business focus more on upping this green game if it also leads to money savings?

I ask myself this a lot, A LOT.

Reducing cost should always be a key objective of a thriving business. It’s just common sense that if we use less we will spend less. Be it in petrol, packaging, electricity, or raw materials. If a company can figure out how to be more efficient with energy and resources while still maintaining the same quality of product, then going green enables them to cut costs which ultimately results in greater profits. But still you find business reluctant to implement change. Why?

Each business is unique and has different needs. To flex your environmental muscle and make green savings can require some investment of time. Not an easy commodity to come by in business. Perhaps the reluctance for business can also be in not knowing where to start. Or how much it might cost.  But there are easy ways for any business to green their operations and make savings. The obvious, of course, are using less energy, less paper, creating less waste etc. No brainers really.  That’s why Ecofy designed their simple EnviroFit Assessment for business. A great first step. A quick chat will determine if it might suit your needs.

In today’s technology world and with the emergence of the Internet of Things there are so many innovative and money saving tools out there. Eg Open Energi  (Real-time Electricity Demand Reduction); OxyMem (Energy Reduction in Wastewater Treatment) Iso Paint (Coating that Cools and Fights Air Pollution); Enlightened (Light Fixture Sensors). Investigating options available to your particular business and budget could seriously up your green game and make some savings for your along the way. Some companies are seeing some serious returns. In fact, the 3% Report recently published puts the return on investment for lean and green interventions at a whopping 233%.

If you are struggling to understand the world of sustainability or unsure how to prioritize your sustainability and environmental initiatives, then Ecofy is a great place to begin. Let us help kickstart your sustainability plans on +44 (0)742 842 6618. 


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