Going Green as a Food Producer

Are you a food producer looking to reach new markets? Looking at how you can create a more sustainable product might be the answer. But going green as an food producer can come in many forms. We at ecofy have generated a few ideas for you. Take a look and you might be surprised what could work for you.

Option 1: Put sustainability at the core of your product right from the start

Green & Blacks makes its chocolate from all organic and fair trade-sourced ingredients. Right from the beginning all their chocolate was organically sourced. They incorporated sustainability into all aspects of their business, from sourcing to operations.

Green & Blacks

It’s even wrapped up in their name. Green symbolises their strict organic principles and black well that represents the intensity of the delicious first sample. Their Maya Gold chocolate bar became the first-ever chocolate bar in the UK to be given the FairTrade mark. Of course where they led others followed.

“Fairtrade and organic was in our DNA. It helped we didn’t know how successful it would be, because we just followed our instincts and had fun. Otherwise I might have done things differently – and it might not have been so successful.” -Jo Fairley (Founder)

Option 2: Look at your product and see if you can tweak it to be more sustainable

So you already have a good product that is selling well but with a little tweak why not make it great. Maybe you make yummy bread but you really have no idea if the ingredients you use are organic, why not look into this. Or source them from a local producer so they use less food miles when travelling to you. Alternatively, examine your packaging. Is it recyclable? Does it contain any chemicals that may be affecting the overall taste of your product? Reducing the volume and toxicity of the waste your product is wrapped in could result in big improvements for our environment. And the quality of your product too.

Option 3: Shout about your product’s greenness 

White’s was founded way back in 1841 in County Armagh. I’m pretty sure their products have always been organic but they haven’t always included it front and centre on their products. I recently stumbled across their product while looking for a replacement home-grown cereal. It was shouting about its ‘organicness’ thanks to its 2014 rebrand which aimed to reflect more their heritage, expertise and natural ingredients. And it’s not just making claims either.  Many of their products are UK Soil Association certified, a fact which is right there on the front of their packaging.


They have made it easy for me to make a yummy green food choice. The fact that the cereal section of my local supermarket is bursting with White’s is a sure sign their efforts are being rewarded. I also hear their export markets are growing to the likes of China and Russia.

At ecofy we love finding products that are tapping into the growing green market. We see it as a win-win for all, your business but perhaps more importantly our environment.  Let our enthusiasm and expertise help your business go after these markets too. Pop us an email at una@ecofyenvironmental.com or call on 07428 426618. We will continue to  promote other ways for your business to develop its green credentials on our website so please do follow our blog.