Promote Your Green Credentials

[Upping Your Green Game – Part 3]Woman shopping at the supermarket

Companies are increasingly marketing the environmental credentials of their products to win the hearts of consumers keen to do their bit to save the planet. Consumers are choosing with their pennies and cents to buy from companies that are trying to do better by the earth.

  • 54% of consumers say that they are buying more environmentally responsible products compared to two years ago.

But for consumers the sustainable or green choice is often harder to find. 64% of consumers find it difficult to know which products are better for the environment. The solution to increasing the uptake of more sustainable choices lies in making these choices easier for consumers. And that is where your business can come in.

Much like when consumers started to be more concerned about the ingredients in their food which resulted in mandatory food labelling coming into force, consumers are now seeking answers to things like whether their packaging is recyclable; has the manufacturer considered alternative less polluting methods of production etc. Can any business really say they want to lose out on more business?

  • Only 20% of consumers believe companies are doing enough to promote environmental friendly options.

So how might your business attract these customers?

One of the easiest ways is through labelling. Labelling makes the customer’s choice in favour of your product easy. Now while there are numerous types of labels out there it is important to obtain a label with some clout. While stamping ‘Organic’ on something may sell a certain number of products, many consumers aren’t buying this type of ‘greenwashing’. Those who are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly goods are looking for more than this. Environmental claims and labels must be credible to consumers, clearly understood, and genuinely reflect a benefit to the environment. Check out the growing reputable labelling scheme EU Ecolabel.


The EU Ecolabel scheme is a voluntary labelling scheme designed to help consumers identify products with the lowest environmental impact. Check out one company’s journey to obtain their EU Ecolabel: Disposables UK Group

For food producers, there are a range of different voluntary labels related to the environmental impact of food. Labels often focus on single environmental issues like ‘organic’. But there is increasing interest in reducing the environmental impact of food across a range of environmental indicators to improve the sustainability of our food supply long term.

Go get those new consumers. And if you need advice on finding a suitable labelling scheme contact us here at ecofy. I can be reached at or 07428 426618 for a chat about what would really be involved.