Ecofy is thrilled to be able to offer services in Ireland in partnership with WSP Natlikan, which is part of global engineering and management consultancy WSP. If your business operates in a number of jurisdictions their compliance and audit products may be just what you need. Their products are all come on a convenient and user-friendly web platform. We have successfully worked with businesses in the following industries: food and dairy production, technology, banking, shipping, however the services would work across all industries.


International Compliance Registers

A Compliance Register is a collection of the laws applicable to your business. We create Compliance Registers in the following areas: Environment, Health & Safety and Food.

The Compliance Registers contain all national laws, acts and regulations that the company, plant or unit need to follow in accordance with ISO 14000 or OSHAS 18000.

The set up and design of the International Compliance Registers is the same for all countries which create clarity and makes them easy to handle. The registers can be created in your national language or in English, or with the possibility to switch between both.


Compliance Audit Tool

The Compliance Audit Tool is an add-on tool that can be attached to the Compliance Registers. It is designed to create Compliance Reports which are based on the register and can be made on the whole register or parts of it. With the tool you can report if you are compliant or not in relation to each requirement in the register.

Compliance Guides

The Compliance Guide includes online summaries of the most important legislation applicable to your company. The Guides are presented in a reader friendly way with a magazine like format and include Actions for you to focus on.

They are good for Plant, Operation, Facility and Safety Managers as well as external auditors who need to get a good comprehension of the relevant legislation of the business presented in a fresh, high quality format. It is also suitable for print and hand out to visitors, partners etc.