Our Services

Ecofy services are unlike others. We have crafted a versatile range of products and services to ensure your environmental fitness is our fundamental goal. We call it the EcoFit Plan. Using new and fun ways to define, present, and insure your business is environmentally fit. The names may have changed but they reflect the products offered more accurately. All of which means you’ll work your way to the EcoFit Gold  in virtually no time.


  • Simplicity    (Legal Register)

Because we put simplicity first, we create environmental registers with solutions that have purpose – focused on fulfilling your needs.

  • Engaged      (Employee Engagement Guide)

We speak in tones that engage. We use our insights to build creative engagement guides that will resonate with your employees.

  • Adapt      (Yearly/bi-annual updates)

The world does not stand still. And neither does your obligations. Laws and policy are ever changing. We simply monitor this for you. And outline how you might be affected.


  • EcoFit Sustainability Plan    (Environmental Assessment)

We listen, measure, assess and develop to build success from understanding. We collaborate with clients to find out more about how they operate. From there we can jump-start your EnviroFit journey with an environmental assessment of how your measure up today and then developing a sustainability roadmap of where your business can go.

  • EcoFit Policy

We collaborate closely with Clients to deliver their tailored environmental fitness vision.  So your enthusiasm for preserving and enhancing your environment radiates across your thriving business.

  • EcoFit Aspire     (Gap Analysis)

You have made changes. You have flexed your environmental muscle. You feel Gold standard is something you are ready to aspire to. This looks at what you will need to do to get you there.


  • EnviroFit Gold      (Environmental Management System)

A modern twist on a traditional process. We expertly monitor, manage, innovate, create, and strategically plan for your business across all environmental aspects. Collaboratively we put in place your environmental management system. Assured your business is fit and ready, we will only then seek recognition through certification (ISO14001 or EMAS).

Becoming EcoFit is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • EcoFit Flexibility     (Retainer)

Your business needs are constant. So too are your environmental ones. You need to make a decision but you want to make the most sustainable one for your company-we are only a phone call away. Environmental disaster strikes – you need someone on site asap to assess your next steps. EcoFit Flexibility gives you peace of mind: quarterly updates, ongoing support, advice when you need it. Not just a process, but an interactive and intuitive experience. Effortless.

At our heart we are specialists in environmental law so if the service you require is not included above please do contact us to enquire about the service you require.